19-07-2024  Friday


PhD thesis defense seminar by Ms. Panchami Jose

Date: 19 July, 2024
Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Venue: Online Meeting/Video Conferencing

Coordinator: Dean's Office

Candidate Name:

Ms. Panchami Jose

Ph.D. Thesis Title:

Schools and Shaping of Sexual Subjectivities: Exploring Biology Education Discourses


This thesis explores the discursive space of biology classrooms and sexual subjectivities (thoughts, emotions, dispositions, opinions, sense of self and the world) therein. The thesis has been conceptualised with the understanding that the dynamics within a biology classroom cannot be fully comprehended without considering how the school as a whole operates and how broader societal discussions on sexuality shape the institution of the school. Hence, I begin by examining the discourses in the public sphere, then narrowing to the school, and finally zooming into biology classrooms. Through analysis of specific public discourses, science textbooks, teacher interviews and classroom observations, I attempt to examine how relations of power and different institutional and cultural discourses work to constitute specific subjectivities. Within the classroom, I explore different aspects of teachers’ lived experiences, positionality and emotional experiences that influence the narrative they bring while discussing sexuality. I further explore the interaction of scientific and moral discourses on sexuality in the classroom to produce narratives of reproduction, identity and pleasure. Lastly, the thesis examines the troubled and tense environment that arises during these discussions and explores how teachers navigate these complexities.

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