Upcoming HBCSE events [08/08/2021 onwards]


11th Annual Research Meet (ARM)

Starts on: Thursday, 23 September 2021, 9:30:00 am
Ends on: Saturday, 25 September 2021, 6:00:00 pm

Venue: Online Meeting/Video Conferencing

Coordinator: ARM Organisers


The Annual Research Meet provides a forum for researchers & educators to present their work to the larger academic community in the field of Education Research in general and STEM Education in particular. The purpose of the Annual Research Meet is to foster discussions on work-in-progress rather than research already published. As such, we especially invite PhD students, teachers and activists in the formative or middle stages of their research.

Considering the current pandemic situation, the 2021 event will be held online. Yet, as in the previous editions, we look forward to stimulating discussions, creating opportunities and pushing the boundaries of (STEM) Education scholarship through this engagement.