20-11-2020  Friday


PhD thesis seminar by Mr. Amit Sharma

Date: 20 November, 2020
Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Venue: Outside the Campus

Coordinator: Dean's Office

The Centre is pleased to announce that the following thesis, submitted for the Ph.D. Degree, will be formally presented at an open seminar. The details of the program are mentioned below:

Mode of Presentation: Virtual Classroom Platform [Zoom application]

Webinar link:



Mr. Amit Sharma

Thesis Title:

Inclusive Science Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools With a Focus on Strategies for Teaching Science to Students With Visual Impairments


The study establishes the need for inclusive science education for students with disabilities (SWDs) and contributes to the development of teaching and learning strategies for inclusion of students with visual impairments (SVIs). A mixed research methodology involving qualitative and quantitative approaches for data collection and analysis is applied in the research. Surveys have been conducted to understand the aspirations of SWDs for science education; and to learn about the attitudes of teachers, parents and students towards inclusive education. An intervention phase of the study focused on cooperative learning among SVIs and students with diverse abilities; their use of multiple representations (in the form of raised lined diagrams, models, descriptions and discussions) and; on expressing learning through drawings. Instances of mutual learning among SVI as well as students with vision suggest that cooperative learning is beneficial.

All are welcome to attend.