25-09-2020  Friday

12 August to 30 October, 2020

Understanding Teaching Practice

Every Wednesday (14:00-16:00), Friday (14:00-16:00)

Venue: Outside the Campus

Coordinator: Dean's Office


Narendra Deshmukh, Kalpana Kharade, Harita Raval, Reema Mani

About the course:

This course aims to provide a continuation of understanding the teaching experience. It will start in online mode. In view of the pandemic situation and classes being conducted online, the course will mainly focus on discussing teaching videos and challenges of teaching online. Having observed B.Ed students (pre-service teachers) in their institute, observed their practice, conducted classes in a regular school, and viewed textbooks, the Science and Mathematics Education research scholars are now ready to explore in-service teaching across different levels. They will read, observe teaching videos, and if possible, observe online classes in the forthcoming session.They will also make an Action Research proposal drawing from their previous experiences. As part of an assignment, they will write a reflective essay on a teaching practice-related book as provided during the course.