22-06-2020  Monday


PhD thesis seminar on "Doing to being: Developing pro-environmental motivations through urban farming in schools" by Ms. Deborah Dutta

Date: 22 June, 2020
Time: 14:30 - 15:30

Venue: Outside the Campus

Coordinator: Prof. Sugra Chunawala


Mode of Presentation:

Virtual Classroom Platform [HBCSE Webinar]


A key mandate of environmental education (EE) is to motivate students to engage in pro-environmental actions (PEAs). However, information-oriented approaches to EE have had limited success in facilitating impactful environment-oriented actions in students, as such models assume that knowledge leads directly to action. Recent models of cognition reject this linear and information-processing understanding, and consider embodied interactions with the environment as foundational to cognition and learning. However, there is little empirical work examining the linkages between such embodied cognition models and the emergence of PEAs and motivation, either in EE research or environmental psychology. This thesis explored the role of embodied actions in generating PEA, based on studies of an adult urban-farming group and a student-driven terrace farming project in a school. Results from the studies indicate that community-based embodied practices can support action-oriented pedagogies that lead to PEA in students. Further, a general theoretical model of the way motivation emerges from embodied interaction and community practices is proposed, generalising the findings from the two studies.

All are welcome to attend.