03-08-2018  Friday

03 August to 18 December, 2018

Teaching practice & school internship / design of learning resource

Every Tuesday (11:30-13:30), Friday (11:00 - 13:00)

Venue: Main Building Seminar Room - 217

Coordinator: Shri N. Deshmukh & Ms. Harita Raval, Tutor: Ms. A. Muralidhar

Teaching practice & school internship / design of learning resource for 1st year (Core Course)


A talk on "Highlights of academic visits in the U.S"

Date: 03 August, 2018
Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Venue: Main Building Lecture Room - G1

Coordinator: Prof. Sugra Chunawala

Speaker: Ms. Deborah Dutta, Research Scholar, HBCSE Abstract: In this talk, I will briefly share my experience of academic visits and presentations at various institutions in the United States of America. My travel spanned over five universities in four different states near the East coast. It also consisted of unusually intense snowstorms, long bus-rides, ridiculously bland food, and a good amount of Google Maps. The objectives of the trip included presenting my work in front of an international community, interact with academics and students of my community in the field of environmental education, and receive feedback regarding various aspects of my research. The trip was made possible through the Knowledge Exchange Fund, as provided by HBCSE towards my conference presentation (Humus and humility: situated and embodied interactions constitute a lived morality towards the environment. 7th ??EcoJust?ice and Activism Conference?, Theme: Practicing Affection in a Culture of Slow Violence) at Eastern Michigan University.