Procedural Rules for INO

  1. INO Hall Ticket
    Please affix a recent passport size photograph of yours in the space provided and bring it at the time of every examination session as applicable in your case. Please carry a photo ID (Passport, Aadhar Card, etc.) to prove your identity and date of birth. Otherwise, you may be refused entry to the examination. This hall ticket must be preserved and must be presented at the time of OCSC.
  2. Roll Number
    Your INO 2019 Roll Number is specified on your Hall Ticket. This Roll No. is different from your NSE Roll Number. This new Roll Number must be written correctly on all the pages of your INO Question Paper, Answer sheet and performance card and all further correspondence.
  3. INO Examination rules:
    • Candidates should bring their own sets of writing material including at least two HB pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, two blue pens, a ruler, etc., to the examination.
    • Candidates must carry a valid proof of date of birth issued by a competent goverment agency to the exam centre.
    • Use of calculators
      • Astronomy / Biology / Chemistry / Junior Science / Physics: Non-programmable scientific calculators will be allowed. Please refer to the list of allowed calculators available on the
      • No other computational aid or electronic equipment such as Graphing Calculators, Mobile phones, Smart-watches, Pagers, log tables, slide rules etc. are allowed.
    • Use of unfair means will result in disqualification.
    • Silence and decorum must be maintained in the examination hall and its precincts.
  4. Provisional and final solutions
    • The provisional solutions to INO 2019 examinations will be uploaded on HBCSE Olympiad website on February 5, 2019. Any comments regarding the same may be sent ONLY to the email address mentioned on HBCSE website displaying solutions of respective subjects. The subject should indicate the question number(s) you want to comment on. For example: Subject: Q. 7, 21 (where 7 and 21 are the questions you want to comment on in the email). Alternatively, you may send your comments by govt. post to the National Coordinator, Science Olympiads. Queries in any form addressed to other staff will not be entertained.
    • The last date for receiving such comments is February 11, 2019. The Examination Board (EB) of INO 2019 will deliberate on the comments and the decision of the EB will be final and binding. The final solutions (with corrections, if any) will be uploaded on February 20, 2019. Kindly note that the EB will not reply to any query/comments individually.
  5. INO score and re-evaluation
    • You can view your INO score by logging in on the INO registration page from February 20, 2019 onwards. You may apply for re-evaluation of your answer-script only through this website on or before February 25, 2019. You will see detailed information about this after checking your score online.
    • No application for re-evaluation by email, telephone, fax or speed post/normal mail will be entertained.
    • You can view your final INO score (with or without any revision after re-evaluation, if applied for) on the INO website from March 5, 2019 onwards. The post re-evaluation score will be considered as final and will be used in preparing the merit list for OCSC selection. No further applications will be entertained. The decision of the Examination Board regarding evaluation and re-evaluation will be final.
    • It is made clear that re-evaluation is a facility being given to students and is not by way of right. This facility can be withdrawn at any time either fully or partially with or without any advance notice.
  6. Selection for OCSC
    Based on INO performance, each student is eligible for selection in at most ONE Orientation Cum Selection Camp (OCSC), according to the order of preference declared by the student at the time of INO registration. The detailed procedure for this is given on page 14-17 of the Science Olympiad Brochure.