26-09-2020  Saturday


Technical Training Lecture by Shri C. Srinivasan

Date: 26 September, 2020
Time: 11:30 - 12:30

Venue: Outside the Campus

Coordinator: Ms. Tilottama A. Patkar


As we (at HBCSE and as a society) are trying to work towards a more robust waste management system, particularly in current times with pandemic and natural disasters originating from ecological destruction and our ignorance about the same, we are making efforts to take help from noted experts in the field.

In this context, the HBSE Zero Waste Generation Committee has organized a Technical Training Lecture by Shri C. Srinivasan, Project Director & Consultant, Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM), who is also serving as a Resource Person with Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Government of India.